B1-B Lancer video from Dubai Airshow 2005

I took my new Sony HDR-HC1 to the Dubai Airshow in November 2005 and filmed several aircraft during the flying display. Earlier I posted a video of an Airbus A380 in flight, but now I’ve stopped being lazy and posted another interesting video which is of an American B1-B Lancer supersonic bomber doing several high speed fly-bys. There were two B1’s at the show, one on static display and the other for the flying display.

The video is being posted in QuickTime 7 format (480p H.264) to save bandwidth, though it was originally filmed and edited in 1080i. Unfortunately, some interlacing is visible in the video and I still haven’t found an easy way to export a movie from iMovie HD to QuickTime H.264 with good de-interlacing.

B1-B Lancer @ Dubai 2005 (480p QuickTime H.264)

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